Richard C. Kalling
Software Engineer

Owner of Kalling Software2010-Present
  • Provided training on writing code for distributed tiled-display systems
  • Developed custom software to improve client workflow for running GPGPU accelerated code
  • Made flexibility enhancements to client GPGPU code
  • Improved client's tiled display surveillance system to improve usability and add additional features including a framework for integrating arbitrary sensors as well as software autofocus
  • Wrote a strength activity tracking app, Simple Lift Log, listed on Runkeeper's strength tracking site

Software Developer for General Atomics2006-2010
  • Developed real-time GPU accelerated motion-tracking software for use with arbitrary digital video inputs
  • Developed tiled display situational awareness software. (SAVIOR/SHEPARD)
  • Integrated RADAR, SONAR, Laser Range Finder, Ultra-high-resolution camera, IR Cameras, GPS, 360 Camera and other sensors into SAVIOR system
  • Used GPUs to accelerate magnetic field line tracing for fusion research. (Performance gains of over 50X)
  • Constructed 3D visualizations using OpenGL for magnetic field lines in a tokamac, plasma boundary, magnetic isosurfaces

Software Engineer for Axion Racing2003-2007
  • Used terrain data to generate optimal paths for an autonomous vehicle for use in the DARPA Grand Challenge
  • Vehicle participated in all 3 Grand Challenge events, made finals in 2 of the events
  • Developed visualization for the terrain and chosen path using OpenGL to confirm validity of the choices
  • Developed tools to aid in testing the vehicle
  • Tested and tweaked vehicle systems
  • Researched utility of potential new sensors

Programmer/Analyst for Symitar2004-2006
  • Designed and implemented new features for Symitar's Episys financial software
  • Wrote code catering to each client's needs with regards to their processing of ATM network transactions
  • Reviewed design and scope documents from other departments to ensure there would not be conflicts with the Episys online ATM software

Other Experience93-Present
  • Other work including:
    • Programmer for IMHO consulting, Grader for USC
  • Other projects including:
    • Tetris Clone, Random Landscape Generation, Wedding DJ Winamp plug-in, Web Scripting Projects, Connect 4, Random Sentence Generator, Computer Game Modifications, Quake C documentation project, Whack-a-mole, Greeting card animator, Tunnel

University of Southern California1998-2002
  • Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering and Computer Science
  • Coursework: Computer Graphics, Operating Systems, Compiler Construction, Programming on the World Wide Web, Integrated Media Systems, Artificial Intelligence, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Advanced Writing for Engineers, Neuroscience, Multivariable Calculus, Linear Algebra, Large Software Development, Computer Organization, Systems Design Using Microprocessors, Mechanics, E&M
Programming languages and APIs:
  • Recent: C, C++, Python, Objective C, OpenGL, CUDA
  • Past: Cg, Perl, PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Lisp, HTML, BASIC, Win32, MFC, PL/1